Complete points list - Super Pro - Pro ET - Sportsman - Juniors - Super Quick - Gizmo  - No G - High School


 Points are awarded as follows:

 First round (win)                                                 30 points

First round (lose)                                                15 points

Second & subsequent rounds (winners only)         10 points each

Racers tied for first place at the end of the season will run a tie-breaker race. Ten additional points will be awarded to the racer who wins this run-off. The tie will be determined AFTER removing each racer’s worst race.

 The worst race will not be removed in the Super Quick, Gizmo, or No G classes which are only scheduled for 4 events per season.

 Points remain with the class in which they were originally registered. A racer who changes classes during the year will start with zero points in that new class.

 Points remain with the driver. A driver may use more than one car in a class during the season (but may not change cars after first round of an event).

 How points are lost or not accumulated (per round)

 Failing to stage, failing to break the beam, or failing to show up for a round will result in no points accumulated and that car cannot compete in any further rounds.

 A DQ for any reason results in a loss of points for that round.

 How points are lost (per event or season)

 A racer whose vehicle is determined to have inappropriate equipment for that class will lose all points accumulated during that event and possibly for the season.

 Points belong to the racer – not the vehicle. Racers who allow another person to run their vehicle in a class will not earn any points for that event.

 Breaking track / NHRA rules during an event can result in the loss of points for that event.  This determination will be made by the track management at their discretion based on the severity of the violation.


Racers competing in Super Pro, Pro ET, Sportsman, Gizmo, & No G classes can buy back into second round if they lost first round.  Racers who are registered and teched by first round – but miss running first round – can buy back into second round in the classes that allow buy backs – but they won’t get any first round points.

 How points totals are determined at the end of the season

At the end of the season each racer will have the points for their worst race removed from their total. In some cases this may be zero points.

 After these adjustments are made the racer with the highest points in their class will become that year’s class champion and will be eligible to participate in the King of the Track Wally competition.